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PostSubject: Apocalypse   Apocalypse I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 27, 2010 7:02 am


Hundreds of years ago the Mayans predicted the world would end in the year 2012. They were wrong. The world ended, at least according to most people in the United States, in the year 2018. The already overextended United States went to war with China and with the loss of the pacific fleets things got desperate. Most people agree that it was the States that fired first, turning ally’s into enemies, bringing devastation to their own doorstep.

There were survivors. People far enough from a major targets and who were able to get underground and eke out an existence in a bunker. Humanity rose from the ashes and some were more like animals. Cannibals, mutants, people so far gone from the old normals of society that they seemed almost a new species. As the last of the survivors of the bombings die off the children of the wastelands have to take over and form their own new societies.

In the lawless jungle it is only the strong and smart who survive. Loners meet horrible deaths and anyone who doesn’t live in a bunker faces constant danger. It’s a horrible time to be alive, but giving up and dying isn’t an option. When mutant death and silent radiation waits around every corner, when no one can be trusted because everyone is desperate and deranged, what role will you play?

Twenty years later and characters are living in a world where nothing can be taken for granted. To survive they must scavenge for food and suitable drinking water in a society where everyone’s primary focus is keeping themselves alive. Limited supplies are rapidly decreasing, making it harder to find preserved food in the city and suburbs. Hunting game is harder then it looks and runs the risk of ingesting toxins that can be still found in pockets of the land. Radiation exposure and disease seems a preferable way of dying when cannibalism is a real threat and rumours of violent, mutants can become a reality. Without law and order its everyone for themselves, where binding together can be as much a gamble as facing the world alone. It’s desperate times which calls for desperate measures, and every meal could very well be the last.

Players are asked to keep in mind the state of affairs when making character decisions. For most characters this is the only world that they know, and, depending on their age, their knowledge of before the bomb is limited. Electricity can be found in remote parts where generators might still be of use, and running water is dependable on the town, but for the most part players can assume that they don’t have either. Firearms are scarce and ammunition even more so. City and landscapes vary across the country. Some are standing, others are rubble, and from towns to suburbs are in various stages of having been ransacked. The current population is unknown. For the most part people avoid each other out of fear of being eaten or reluctance to share any food that may be found.

This isn’t to say that characters are expected to avoid one another, if that was to happen there wouldn’t be any point to playing the game, but it’s essential to keep in mind the paranoid, desperate atmosphere that the game relies on. The game is designed so that characters can explore humanity and morality. The addition of a small supernatural threat is to create a fear of the unknown and the possibility of having a reason to work together. We’ve all watched post apocalyptic movies, played the video games or read the books. It’s now a chance to flex your fingers and collaborate with some other like minded individuals to make your own story.

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PostSubject: Re: Apocalypse   Apocalypse I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 27, 2010 7:14 am


  • This game relies on frequent posts for storyline progression. Players that cannot post regularly should not join this game. To prevent stagnation or halting of a scene, players must be aware that the storyteller reserves the right to NPC a players character. As a general rule, a character can miss two days of posts in a ST scene before this occurs. There are exceptions and players that are going to be absent from the board for an extended period should notify the ST prior to leaving as a courtesy.

  • Forums games are slow. For this reason players may two characters in play on the boards, keeping in mind the above rule. All characters must be approved by the ST and have their characters posted in the character sheets thread prior to playing. Anyone found breaking this rule will have their posts deleted and banned from making a character.

  • Given the concept of the game players should expect a high mortality rate. This does not mean that the ST is out to target you and those that find themselves feeling this way should have a close look at their characters actions, or take a step away from the computer and reconsider their relationship to rpg fiction.

  • The ST will do their best to maintain just consequences (eg: if a character does something stupid expect a suitable reaction). They will also try and maintain an entertaining and exciting atmosphere but are not solely responsible for this. Players have a responsibility to contribute to the game, and, as fellow writers, make an effort to make this collaborative fiction instead of a simple hack and slash rpg.

  • This game contains adult content. Those easily offended should reconsider playing an apocalyptic game, with themes of cruelty and questionable mortality. This does not give the right for players to be writing vulgar and offensive material. The implied and unspoken often has a greater effect, leaving a reader to use their own imagination, and players should consider this rather then resorting to shock-value.

Bad Ass.
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PostSubject: Re: Apocalypse   Apocalypse I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 27, 2010 7:19 am


The Apocalypse game is based off the old World of Darkness 3rd Edition rules and character creation is a modified version of the mortals system. Some abilities and stats available have been removed and others have been offered instead. Those abilities in italics are listed after the equipment listing. Players should keep in mind the setting that they are creating their character for and how they would come into possession of their character traits. Characters do not require a large or detailed history, but they do require a brief note on the essence of the character and an explanation of any specific skills, knowledge's or weapons listed on their sheet.



Attributes: 6/4/3
(characters start with an automatic one dot in each attribute)




Abilities: 11/7/4


Animal Ken:
Blind fighting:


Starting level at three.

Generally aren’t applicable. Those wishing to purchase backgrounds please contact the storyteller.

Merits & Flaws:
Approved on a case by case bases. Maximum rating of seven points.

Optional. See listing.

Freebies: 30
Attributes: 5 freebies per one dot
Abilities: 2 freebies per one dot
Willpower: 1 freebie per one dot
Equipment: As listed.

Please copy and paste the sheet format below, and submit characters to: endtimesrpg@gmail.com
For quick approval be sure to send a PM to Toxic, letting me know that you have submitted a character sheet.

Bad Ass.

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PostSubject: Re: Apocalypse   Apocalypse I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 27, 2010 7:27 am


With limited supplies left in the country, characters wanting to start the game with weapons must purchase them with their freebie points. Below is a detailed list of what weapons are available at starting creation and the cost of both the weapon and the ammunition (if applicable). Please keep in mind how your character came into possession of their equipment and include these details in your character submission.

Category One (costing one freebie point per item)

  • Knives:
    This category encompasses everything from steak knives to Bowie knives to Japanese tantos. The line between "knife" and "short sword" is generally drawn at about 12 inches. (Fighting knives, which are generally double edged and balanced for the express purpose of rapid strikes in melee combat are excluded).
    -Damage: Strength + 1
    -Conceal: P or J, depending on size and style
    -Minimum Strength: 1

  • Hatchets and Hand Axes:
    The smallest of axes, these are usually only a foot or so in length, designed to be used in a single hand and swung with sharp accuracy. Normally these are for chopping small pieces of wood or for other tool purposes, though weapons have been designed with the same principles in mind.
    -Damage: Strength + 1
    -Conceal: J
    -Minimum Strength: 1

  • Reinforced Clothing:
    This is less of a formal category of body armor than it is a mode of dress. "Reinforced clothing" covers such garb as biker's leathers or the heavy insulated jumpsuits worn by hunters and construction crews.
    Bashing Soak: 2
    Melee Soak: 1
    Bullet Soak: 0
    Dexterity Penalty: 0
    Conceal: N/A, as these are normal clothes

Category Two (Costing two freebie points per item)

  • Small Axes:
    This category covers small, singled bladed axes. Usually they are equally useful for chopping wood as they are for combat.
    -Damage: Strength + 2
    -Conceal: T
    -Minimum Strength: 2

  • Spears:
    Not quite a polearm, a spear qualifies as just a staff with a simple spear-point on the end used for jabbing and impaling usually instead of for slashing. It is possible to wield a spear one-handed with a Strength of 2 and they are more easily balanced so can be done so without penalty, so long as the user is jabbing and stabbing with the weapon. Attempting to slash with a spear faces a +1 penalty.
    -Damage: Strength + 2
    -Conceal: N
    -Minimum Strength: 1

  • Maces and Mauls:
    Maces and Mauls are essentially spiked or studded clubs which are used to do lethal damage rather than the bashing damage that a basic club does. This covers everything from a baseball bat with nails driven into it, to an actual spiked mace from the Middle Ages. These do damage equal to that of a small or large club, but it is lethal damage rather than bashing. However, they are often harder to conceal.
    -Damage: Strength +2
    -Conceal: T or N
    -Minimum Strength: 1 or 2

Category Three (costing three freebie points per item)

  • Machete:
    A heavy, broad swordlike knife used for hacking one’s way through jungle undergrowth, the machete becomes brutal and intimidating when used as a weapon.
    -Damage: Strength + 2
    -Conceal: T
    -Minimum Strength: 1

  • Bow:
    This encompasses all bows that are between three and four feet long. Short bows may be fired from horseback. Anyone with Archery 3 or higher and a week to work can make a short bow. Weapon cost includes ten arrows.
    -Damage: 2
    -Conceal: T
    -Minimum Strength: 2
    -Range: 60

  • Medium Ballistic Vest: (Cost 3-4)
    The most common type of body armor worn by security guards and uniformed police officers, this is designed to be worn over or under clothes, depending on the situation in which the wearer expects to find herself. This type of body armor comes with inside pockets where ceramic or metal "trauma plates" can be inserted for extra protection. Some models are designed expressly for combat wear and incorporate a variety of pockets for radios, spare magazines and other tools of the trade.
    Bashing Soak: 2 (3 with trauma plates)
    Melee Soak: 1 (3 with trauma plates)
    Bullet Soak: 3 (4 with trauma plates)
    Dexterity Penalty: 1 (2 with trauma plates)
    Conceal: J


Unless stated otherwise, these weapons use a basic Dexterity + Firearms roll in order to target the weapon. They are a standard difficulty 6, unless it says otherwise, though certain things may modify this one way or the other. Weapons cost includes one clip of ammunition any others are extra.

  • Pistol Lt. – Damage: 4, Range: 20, Rate: 4, Clip: 17 + 1, Conceal: P
    (Weapon cost: 5 - Ammunition: 3)

  • Shotgun (pump action) – Damage: 8, Range: 20, Rate: 1, Clip: 5 + 1, Conceal: T
    (Weapon cost: 7 - Ammunition: 5)

  • Rifle – Damage: 8, Range: 200, Rate: 1, Clip: 5 + 1, Conceal: N
    (Weapon cost: 8 - Ammunition: 6)

Bad Ass.
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PostSubject: Re: Apocalypse   Apocalypse I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 28, 2010 3:32 am



Diplomacy (VPG)
You have the ability to deal with people of all types and creeds. Even when handling touchy subjects, you are able to get results without ruffling too many feathers.
* Novice: You can iron out schoolyard disputes.
** Practiced: Friends ask you to deal with things for them.
*** Competent: You could shine in management or personnel.
**** Expert: You could be a professional union negotiator or ombudsman.
***** Master: You can defuse nearly any situation, from an industrial dispute to a religious war.

Haggling (VPG)
You are skilled at bargaining and can reduce another’s price, or get some other concession, under most circumstances.
* Novice: Bargain hunter
** Practiced: Market trader
*** Competent: Horse trader
**** Expert: Con artist
***** Master: Marco Polo


Archery (VPG)
You know how to fire a bow, and may be able to do so with great proficiency.
* Novice: High school gym practice
** Practiced: Forest bowhunter
*** Competent: Medieval ranger
**** Expert: Will hit a bull’s-eye, usually
***** Master: Robin Hood

Blind Fighting (VPG)
Even when unable to see your foes, you can use your Brawl or Melee Abilities. This Skill may also be of great use out of combat. It should be noted that this Skill does not grant any actual ability to see better in darkness.
* Novice: You don’t stub your toe in the dark.
** Practiced: You can pinpoint the direction from which sounds come.
*** Competent: You can fight and predict your enemies’ locations at the same time.
**** Expert: You can almost “feel” where your opponents are.
***** Master: You possess an almost mystical sense Zen and the Art of Spatial Awareness.

Fishing (VPG)
You can judge a body of water, and have a fair chance of catching fish if there are any to be caught.
* Novice: Weekend angler
** Practiced: Serious amateur
*** Competent: Competition winner
**** Expert: Professional fisherman
***** Master: Fish leap onto the shore as you walk by.

Hunting (VPG)
You are skilled at finding and killing animals for food or sport. In familiar terrain, you are able to predict the type, number and likely location of food animals, and know the best ways to find and kill them.
* Novice: Weekender
** Practiced: Enthusiast or trooper
*** Competent: Survivalist or Marine
**** Expert: Special Forces
***** Master: Lupine


Electronics (VPG)
You are familiar with the construction and operation of electronic devices. You can identify the function of an unknown electronic device, and diagnose and repair a malfunctioning or broken device given time and equip ment. Note that electronic devices are not the same as electrically powered mechanical devices a hair dryer is mechanical, a radio is electronic.
* Novice: Tinkerer
** Practiced: Ham radio operator
*** Competent: TV repairman
**** Expert: Computer engineer
***** Master: Computer hardware designer

Engineering (VPG)
You can understand, design and diagnose faults in mechanical systems of all kinds. You can design a set of plans from which a skilled mechanic can build almost anything from a toaster to an airplane.
* Novice: Amateur
** Practiced: Student
*** Competent: Junior engineer
**** Expert: Chief engineer
***** Master: Ace inventor

Psychology (VPG)
You have a formal education in the science of human nature. You know the modern theories of emotion, cognitive development, personality, perception and learning. Though this is largely a scholarly understanding of the human psyche, it can be used practically, to understand those around you.
* Novice: High school
** Practiced: College student
*** Competent: Grad student
**** Expert: Professor
***** Master: Theorist

[VPG = Vampires Players Guide]

Bad Ass.
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